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Maple Leaf WA Locksmith Store Maple Leaf, WA 206-641-9139Imagine that a physically and mentally demanding day at work ends up in an aghast situation when you find yourself staring at your house door, which simply refuses to let you in. The most natural reaction from you in such a situation would undoubtedly be to freak out and lose it. However, what if we tell you that if such a situation is what you face in area, then you have an easy way to get over this. A door unlock isn’t something which is a big task, especially for a locksmith service providing firm which has the backing of over a decade long experience in handling such situations. And this able locksmith firm in area would be us - Maple Leaf WA Locksmith Store.

DIY door unlock- a good idea?

While the average Joe will tell you that doing a door unlock isn’t something you should ask a professional locksmith for, we do stand against the thought. The main reason for this is that while a DIY approach may seem cost-effective, things can go terribly wrong if a rookie is handling a tough unlocking operation. A professional locksmith will know how to handle even surprises which can easily surface when trying to unlock a car, house or facility. So this is a trade-off for short-term penny savings, against long-term losses.

Services Offered:

We would confidently tell you that while you have multiple options in terms of locksmith service providers you can call in and around Maple Leaf, you will not get the following list of comprehensive locksmith services from them, as we offer.

  • 24 Hr door unlock services for cars, automobiles, homes etc.
  • Rekeying services for locks of various kinds
  • Crafting new high security locking systems for automobiles and facilities
  • Master key security system design and setup for enterprises and elaborate facilities

Apart from the listed services, we are also known for doing elaborate security audits for our customers. This is a service which mostly is enrolled by our commercial customers, and helps them zero in on any lapse or weak points in their security systems. We can then work with them to choke out a detailed lock replacement or repair plan for them, which fits into their cost constraints as well.

Give us a call on 206-641-9139 and let us assist you with any door unlock request you have in area.